Our mail carrier doesn’t know it yet but today is his lucky day because today is the last day he will be greeted by a pyramid of fragility at my mailbox. The era of painted frames by is over, y’all! // When my little Etsy shop started to take off a few years ago, I was thrilled. Time freedom has always been the most important thing to me, work-wise, and the success of my Etsy business meant I could legitimately avoid a real job indefinitely. That’s all I could ask for, right? // So I thought until the holiday season of 2015, when for most of November and December I was covered in paint, working 10 hours many days to fill orders, and neglecting my family. When it comes to businesses based on linear income (meaning you get paid once for the work you do), I began to understand, you can make a lot of money or you can have time freedom, but not both. // I didn’t like that. So I started researching the alternative, residual income (do the work once, continue to get paid for it), and that’s what led me to join Rodan+ Fields last January. // Has it been easy? No. I still work really hard most days! The difference is that the work I do now will continue to pay me for not only the rest of my life but our children’s as well. Hello: When you sell the best skincare out there, people tend to be fiercely loyal to it. (There are other differences too, such as that now I get to work with some of my best friends, but that’s a post for another day.) // I custom-painted more than 1,200 frames in the past two years. It’s been real, it’s been fun, but I am glad to say I’m done. #residualincome

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About Jennifer Kirby

runner, reader, leader, believer // obsessed with real estate, team-building, entrepreneurialism + my people
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